Reasons Why it's Time to Revise Your Skincare Routine

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Baby, it’s cold outside!

Winter prep or winter SOS? Now is the time to step up your skincare routine.

Night time is lasting longer, it’s chilly in the mornings, we feel like our days are dragging on longer and our self-care routines are getting shorter… which they absolutely shouldn’t!

As we plan and prepare to end the year with a big business push, we also must tend to the biggest organ we have, our skin. The change of weather and seasons, to the material we wear all has an impact, which can lead to dryness. Not to mention that we get super busy in this last quarter of the year, so we need to be mindful of our self-care which directly affects the integrity of our skin.

I’ll be honest, I am obsessive about my skin, at 43 I have no choice, however I started being diligent in my early 20’s and it paid off big time. Just as summer bodies are made in the winter in regards to fitness level, the same is true for how great our skin looks.

Combating Dryness

Everyone’s skin gets dry in the winter, whether you have sensitive, normal, combination, or oily skin. The sensitive and normal types you are going to get hit the hardest. Yes, we need to keep warm, however because you will get drier, first make sure you only have soft non-abrasive materials against your skin, especially your face. You can layer the heavier, rougher material on top of that.

Next up, combination and oily crew, our struggle in the winter only becomes more difficult - making sure we are moisturised but not clogging pores. Having a regular morning and evening skincare routine is key to keeping it healthy, for all skin types. No one wants to speed up the ageing process, so care for you! I know, I know! This piece is on winter skincare, however the truth is because I stick to my skin routine, I use the products I discuss below all year-round.

Healthy Inside and Out

The number one contributor to skin health is H2O. We need a minimum of 64 oz of water per day, increase that if you are extremely active. According to WebMD, drinking water helps keep the balance of body fluids, therefore maintaining digestion, absorption, circulation, and transportation of nutrients. A topical skincare routine is not enough, so maintain your fountain of youth.

My all-time favourite skin care product is Coconut Oil, both externally and internally! Coconut oil melts into the skin when you apply it topically and when you ingest it. I blend it into my smoothies along with the gel from inside an aloe leaf. While we are on the subject of the aloe leaf, once an inch-long section is cut off and the gel is added to a smoothie, on a fresh washed and toned face, you can rub the inside of the skin in circular upward motions on your face. This is the best wrinkle defence out there, you literally feel the slight tightening of the skin and not because it is dry.

Product Recommendations

My top skin care picks are all natural, cruelty free, hypoallergenic, and very clearly state who can use it and what it is for. Shea Moisture Coconut Oil line, the whole thing is every skin type friendly and great all year round, especially the night time oil during the colder months.

Next up, my favourite Sephora brand, Tarte Skin Care - I love their makeup too. My top skincare picks from Tarte are their H20 Serum, Drink of H2O Skin daily moisturizer, Maracuja C-Brightener Eye Treatment, Rainforest of the Sea 4 in 1 Setting spray (I use it as my toner after I wash my face) all of these are daily products and lastly the Tight and Bright mask (it was made for us combination ladies.)

The final hat tip must go to The Body Shop, my original all-natural go to, while I may have added other products to my facial skincare routine, no one tops their body skin care. For my oily ladies Tea Tree will be your saving grace, they carry face and body products.

The Body Shop have the best body butters on the planet and they even list what level of moisture they provide. The Hemp line is specifically for brutally cold weather or if you are constantly exposed to it a hand cream that will save you!

While I am a combination, I also have super sensitive skin (because I am allergic to many things) and yet from all three companies I can use any of their products. 

Parting Advice

Whichever way you chose to go, make sure you are giving your body what it needs internally as well as externally, pick products that are natural, are not animal tested, and does not contain a laundry list of ingredients that you have NO idea what they are. 

Disclaimer: This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by any of the companies associated with or in ownership of the aforementioned products. All opinions are our own and are recommended from our own personal and professional use. 

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