Overcoming Fear to Share Powerful, Profound Experiences

Brenda Adiyiah Contributor

Fight the fear, there’s power in the purpose.

How the fear of being inarticulate can overshadow a powerful and profound experience. Here’s what I discovered.

It can be frustrating when you have something extremely powerful to share with others, and yet you are halted by the lack of adequate words to describe something than transcends the mundane or everyday - the fear of being inarticulate.

Whilst I love that generally, we are able to weave a rich tapestry full of imagery with the use of words, I feel like there are times where I can’t always express what I need to simply by using them.

I feel as though the depths of experience can emotion transcends the use of verbal or written language. It simply needs to be felt in order to be understood.

profound spiritual experience.jpg

This is particularly the case when you find yourself in the midst of a deeply profound experience or having an earth-shattering realisation / epiphany. There is no word or group of words that can accurately describe the accompanied emotions, nor reflect the psychological transition from the not knowing to full awareness. Not only that, but all the emotive and cognitive nuances that fall in between the two stages.

I thought that maybe I was losing my grasp on language, but I soon realised it wasn’t that. The English vocabulary just doesn’t always adequately describe the human experience. Not when we are tapping into our higher aspects and states of consciousness.

I believe it’s for this reason among others that many spiritual teachers have dedicated their lives, not only to the understanding of such knowledge, but to finds ways to express that knowledge. To share vital teachings that can be universally understood.

There are a number of renowned sages. gurus and guides that have done an amazing job of articulating those teachings, by using relevant examples to illustrate them. However, to fully grasp the enormity or the power of those realisations, you need to experience it for yourself. Learning is a journey and the destination continually changes. This is something any great teacher would encourage you to do.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” - William Arthur Ward

If you are an empath, an extrovert or highly sensitive individual, you will usually find it pretty easy to explain your feelings and thoughts on things. However, in such instances it may require a little more thought and a solid example.


In my humble opinion, the greatest gift we can give one another is not knowledge, it’s understanding. Sharing our wisdom on something we have learnt and understood deeply. Then going on to inspire others to do the same. This is not a mere transference of information, but planting and nurturing a seed that could bare fruit of innovation. New discoveries.

It’s true to say that not everyone will be ready to receive your message. Everyone is at different stages of their journey and have different lessons in their life path. Don’t let the fear of ridicule or disbelief stop you from speaking your truth - it will resonate with those who need to hear it. Plus, it will be clear within a matter of minutes who are receptive and those who aren’t open enough to consider it.

If you have a natural ability to venture much deeper into yourself and your perceived reality, you owe it to yourself and others to exercise it. Through such communications, we can problem solve and steer future generations away from a toxic and volatile reality into a nourishing, community-driven one.

There are already individuals and collectives taking the initiative to do just that, but all must do our part should we wish to see our world change for the better. It always starts with the individual before it branches outwards. You have much to give, and now the world truly needs your support.