How to Create Killer Business Goals for 2019


New Year means New Goals!

Constantly hitting the delete button? Here's what you truly need to consider for your business in 2019.



First of all, you need to reflect on the previous year; everything that has lead you up to this point. What did your business excel in? What were the main components that lead to their success? Were there areas that were lacking the strength and traction that others had? If you tackled it again, what would you do differently? Did you have access to the resources needed in order to effectively carry out the tasks? These are the types of questions that will need answering. Don't worry, you don't have to resign yourself to a full day of writing out a tedious, 30 page report. You can present this in a way that is more visually perceivable and easy to digest. If you are a post-it fanatic like myself, here's a simple solution: create three different wall sections for each focus area: Successes, Failures, Outcome. Write each point in short sentences or phrases. The outcome section should contain post-its that outline what is required moving forward to improve the failures and to repeat / increase the successes.


Main Objectives

Now that you have your areas of development outlined, you can turn them into your main objectives - I wouldn't recommend jumping several steps ahead if the foundations aren't solid. Once you have met these targets, you can then re-evaluate and make new goals that will take your business even further. Also, it's vital that you set yourself realistic time frames to achieve each objective. By allowing yourself the time you need to acquire the necessary tools, develop a plan and carry it out methodically, you have a much higher probability of success. 




Once you have the concepts, make a plan. How you structure it, present it and the terminology you use depends on largely on what makes the most sense to you and (if you aren't working alone) members of the team. Interactive media tends to perform the best when it comes to memory recall, gaining interest and retaining attention. If you want to create buzz in your team and therefore buzz once the project is completed and goes live, it's important to do this with the project plan.



If you are working in a team, was everyone given the opportunity to work at optimal level last year? Maybe you need to look each individual members strengths and see what else they could be bringing to the table, if given the opportunity. Maybe you need switch roles or reduce the work load of one or more individuals to avoid burn out. It'd be worth ensuring that each member creates personal goals for the year to highlight their own growth and areas of development as well as the business'. Micro management and self management is the key to a successful team; if every member feels valued, are able to invest in their own growth and are able to utilise their skills in a way that benefits the business, the results will speak for themselves. Ensure that the specific business objectives that each person is working towards is clear and categorised, also be open to suggestions if team members find new areas for improvement.

If you are a freelancer and you find yourself juggling way too many balls, you may have to bite the bullet and contract other service providers to help you with specific areas of your business e.g. content writers, accountants, web developers etc. By outsourcing, you could free up a lot of time and discover a highly proficient individual that's able to offer solutions that you may not have previously thought of. A business is always an investment, so it's worth allocating a set amount of funds to the areas that will benefit most.



Re-establishing your sense of purpose in your endeavour is so important, I really can't stress that enough. The reason it's so important to revisit your sense of purpose and your business' message is due to the simple fact that over time, this often changes - or rather, evolves. Pin point exactly what it is that you wish promote, what your business means to you and what it will mean to others. Yes, I did indeed say will not could. The use of language and it's association is highly important, especially if we are seeking to connect with the laws of attraction. Your sense of assertion needs to carry through in all that you do. You need to make your desired future appear to be a very tangible reality, even in the present. Keep this sense of purpose in mind with every aspect of the business. 




Don't be afraid to network (online and offline) with others in the same or related fields, especially those who are identified as industry leaders. You can always learn something new from one another and it could even lead to new opportunities and collaborations. Those who support one another and are open to collaborations tend to excel far more than those who are only willing to fly solo. 

You can make the most incredible connections in some of the most unlikely of places, so always be open to the prospect. It's important to assess new found connections as not everyone will be as trustworthy or as dedicated as you. Use your intuition and see if your interests truly align.


Break Away

When you feel that you reached your current targets of if you feel like you've hit a dead end, take some much needed down time from the business. It's critical to have moments of recharge so that you can refresh and recalibrate. Whether it's simply taking a long weekend off to spend it with your partner, visiting family and friends or going on a 2 week solo trip, it's important to switch off after a certain period of time and only you can truly assess when that is. Sometimes you will gain moments of clarity and inspiration while you are doing something completely unrelated or while you're not even thinking about the business. This will really help to get the creative juices flowing again. 


Over to You!

Now you have some tips to get your 2019 business goals on track, what is it that you wish to achieve most this year? Have you thought about drafting a 3 or 5 year plan based upon a series of objectives? Share what 2019 marks for your business in the comments below!