Spiritual Spring 05: the Truth about the Third Eye


The Third Eye: Gateway to Freedom

There is so much misinformation and fear-mongering surrounding the the 'Third Eye'. Today, I will be discussing it's essential role in the journey of rediscovery.

The ancients spoke and wrote about the 'third eye' for generations. You will see references to it in Ancient Egyptology, represented in the 'Eye of Horus'. In Hinduism, it is symbolised as the Ajna, the sixth chakra in the popular 7 chakra system. Also, described as the representation or eye of Shiva. Practitioners strengthen their third eye abilities and spiritual awareness through yoga and meditation.

In Zen and Taoism, there are specific practises that are carried out with the sole intention of exercising this unique 'muscle'. The idea is, the more you engage and train to open your mind to these higher frequencies, the more insight and understanding you will have. Not only this, but more control and strength you will have over your natural psychic abilities such as clairvoyance. 

There are many scientific theories, ancient depictions and new age concepts surrounding the third eye and it's biological location. You can read a little more on the subject here.



The third eye allows us to go beyond our ordinary senses of perception. We know for a fact that normally, most human perception is such a tiny bandwidth on a much larger spectrum. If that means our brains are only consciously detecting and translating a small bandwidth of data, that we are perceiving to be reality, just how much more is constantly surrounding us and going undetected? 

By increasing our awareness and ability to tap into other segments on this band, we are likely to perceive things that we wouldn't ordinarily and can learn how to interact with certain aspects. By developing these skills, you gain a much stronger sense of control over your immediate environment and the energies that pass through.


The Stigma

So where does the fear element coming into this? Thanks to outdated religious dogma, namely from Abrahamic religions, many fear the activation of their 'third eye', or what others would argue is the pineal gland. For to activate the third eye, is to activate the forbidden gateway to the devil! 

Or so they believe... In Christianity, there's always a fear element pushed when it comes to exercising your right to furthering your own understanding. Partially due to fear of the unknown but also it has been used by those further up the chain as a means of control. 

The fact is, the macrocosm as a whole is full of dangers, just as the microcosm is. We have to contend with ourselves just as much as the elements. Fear is not what will lead to fulfilment and peace, it is courage and understanding. 

That is not to say that I think it is wise to walk into such an area of discovery, or rediscovery, blindly. Of course, it is necessary to gain some information prior to embarking on this journey, so that you can explore with a much lower probability of invoking energies that do more to harm than to serve. 

There is risk, yes, but if you protect yourself accordingly and go into the experience with pure intentions, it's unlikely that there will be dire consequences.

As someone who has been on this journey for some years now, I would advise not to focus on activating your Third Eye until you have started the preliminary work of healing aka the inner / shadow work.

If like me, you've always had a certain level of awareness of things that most consider to be 'the unknown', then the chances are that your third eye was never closed or dormant to begin with. What it does need however, is training and learning more about it is essential. 



There are number of ways in which activation of the third eye through yoga or meditation can benefit a person:

  • Higher awareness of the physical world.

  • Greater sense of perception such as energy fields, auras, presences etc.

  • Increase in psychic abilities e.g. clairvoyance, premonition, astral travel etc.

  • Exercise more control over dream and sleep states including lucid dreaming.

  • Communication with astral beings, with each other in our true form.

  • Exploration of this realm and others .

  • Gaining awareness to inner knowledge, universal truths that make themselves known.

  • Exploration of the self in all forms and reconciling imbalance, karma etc.

Among others. The journey is very much individualistic and will differ from person to person. It is one of the most private experiences we can have and also, some of the most rewarding. 

A lot of healing and reconciling can occur through third eye activation, especially as you are able to invoke cleansing, nurturing energies. In regards to the collective consciousness, there are times where you can tap in more strongly and receive a stream of information and support.

When such experiences occur, it feels as if everything in the entire universe makes sense, as if it is all unfolding as it should, following a highly complex yet simplistically perfect floor plan. Accompanied by sensations of pure bliss, peace and oneness. These ascension frequencies are, at our core, what we yearn for more than anything. 

We try to experience such moments through our relationships with people, but it's often built on a pretence that is not aligned with this frequency. It is not something that can be experienced by physical or verbal communication. It requires, as the old saying goes, the meeting of souls. Our true selves have to meet in order to connect with one another on this frequency. 

If we are luckily enough to meet someone who is open enough to connect with in this way, it can have a profound and long-lasting effect. 


The Bottom Line

It is entirely up to you whether or not you wish to delve further into this journey. For some, having moments to reflect and channel positive energy is enough for their healing and happiness.

Others, like myself, wish to further their understanding and realise their true potential. Neither option is better than the other. After all, our lifetimes are custom built experiences.

Whatever path you gravitate towards, it will present itself more than once so there's no need to make an instant decision. When and if it feels right and you are ready, you can begin.

If you are already beginning or considering this journey and would like to discuss it with someone who has had many experiences,  you are always welcome to contact me directly.

If you would like to share your own experiences via this post, feel free to comment below. Sending positive, nurturing energy to all who are reading this.